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All your hard-earned traffic is wasted effort if it doesn't convert. Make your marketing dollars matter with a combination of detailed analytics and conversion rate optimization tactics that turn interest into returns.

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Eliminate Customer Apathy, See Undeniable ROI, Optimize Marketing Efforts.

Impact of CRO

74% of conversion rate optimization programs increase sales.

Website Analytics

Personalized Call to Actions (CTAs) convert 42% more visitors than unpersonalized ones.
Our Process

Our bulletproof process to win on Digital Marketing

ROI doesn’t come from paid ads, social media, or SEO. It comes from making the sale. If there’s a chasm between your traffic and conversion numbers, advanced analytics and CRO closes it. That’s why Mensamarketing makes analytics and CRO a top priority in your overall marketing strategy – even if it’s not within scope.

step 1

Comprehensive Marketing Audit

This process involves conducting an in-depth data analysis that pinpoints the holes in your lead generation strategy.

Step 2

Strategy & Execution

Once we are clear on the optimisations required, we implement our proven CRO strategies across all online platforms.

Step 3

Measure, Refine & Scale

After implementing our initial strategy, and measuring the results; we will conduct continuous A/B and multivariate testing that drives better results with each iteration.


We have extensive experience analysing Digital Marketing Success

We specialise in increasing your revenue and leads without you having to buy more traffic.

CRO Strategies

A/B Testing

UX Prototyping

Heatmap Analysis

One-Time CRO Audit

Custom analytical dashboards

Australian Digital Marketing Statistics

  • The average number of fields on lead generation forms is 11.
  • Using visual content like videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%.
  • On average, For every $92 spent on acquiring a customer, just $1 is then spent on trying to convert them.
  • 74% of conversion rate optimization programs increase sales.
  • Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.
  • A/B testing is the most used method of conversion rate optimization.
  • A 1-second delay in your site speed can reduce conversions by up to 7%.
  • Multi-step forms in WordPress can lead to 300% more conversions.
  • Asking for a phone number has the worst impact on conversion rates.

Marketing Analytics - The Data Effect

While there is no catch-all package of metrics to monitor, there are some more nuanced analytics that provide valuable insight.

Organic Search Traffic

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular way to build a website, and it currently powers a whopping 34% of the internet. WordPress is open source software which means it’s completely free for anyone to use, you just need to pay for your hosting. You can use WordPress to build blogs, websites, build an online store, or display your portfolio projects.

Google Analytics provides information regarding keywords that lead to your site. Look specifically to build non-branded keyword volume; an indication that traffic is generated through relevant content and a perception of trustworthiness. Doing so will generate more traffic in the long-run, and help facilitate link-building and future direct traffic.

Top Landing Pages

Users don’t just magically find information on your website. Often times they must traverse a series of web pages, beginning first with your landing pages. This metric looks at what pages are greeting your customers. These pages should be optimized, both in terms of load time and copy, to quickly and seamlessly engage readers and lead them to further browsing or sales conversion.

Most Viewed Pages

When you’re looking to nail down the content that converts, most viewed pages is the metric to watch. When you’re first getting started with blogging, it is not uncommon for one or more posts to “miss the mark” so to speak. Your most viewed pages give you insight into the topics that resonate with your viewers, offering helpful direction in future brainstorming.

Most Exited Pages

The most exited pages tells you which pages prompted departure from your site. This information is not only useful in determining which pages failed to convert potential buyers, it can also help indicate pages with technical problems. Take note: an exit rate of over 80% on a single page is significant, and should be investigated, both from a technical and conceptual standpoint.

Referring Sites

Rarely will you find that a majority of your users are finding your site by typing in the URL directly. Most sites rely on referral traffic, or links from other websites.

Understanding who is sending users your way is vital to establishing a link-building relationship with them. If a blog is frequently citing your business blog for helpful information, your statistics will show this, and your content marketing will benefit from some cooperation.


When customization is expected, buyers can no longer be lumped into one broad category. Google Analytics allows for the filtering and analysis of user behaviour based on characteristics, traffic source, and keyword search, among many other criteria.

Using each of these requires understanding of their use on a case-by-case basis, but suffice to say that user behaviour depends on more than just your copy. Understand your audience’s intentions, goals, and referring source, and you can better understand their subsequent behaviour. Doing so can help facilitate better marketing and targeting for current and future campaigns.

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