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Looking for Gold Coast Google ads services that will deliver your business real value?

When you partner with the best Google ads management agency in Gold Coast, our trial and tested google ads campaigns are guaranteed to get your service or product in front of your ideal audience for more leads, sales and revenue.

With a comprehensive understanding of the latest google ads optimisation algorithms, our market leading google ads specialists can guarantee results for your business! With over 63,000 searches per second on any given day, Google Ads are one of the fastest and most effective ways to sell any product, service, or offer you can think of.

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It's Time To Meet Your New Google Ads Management Agency Gold Coast

Consistency is key when marketing across the modern digital landscape. Quite often we find that out of all the digital marketing channels Google Advertising is the most effective at delivering this must desired consistency. It’s no wonder that 80% of marketers now allocate at least some ad budget to Google search, display & remarketing ad campaigns!

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Generate Sales With Our Google Ads Management Gold Coast Services

Mensa Marketing strives to be the best Google ads management agency in Gold Coast.  
To achieve this goal we have developed comprehensive google ads management packages that are fully inclusive with everything a business needs for guaranteed digital success.

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Does Your Current Agency Guarantee Growth? We Do.

In just 30 minutes, our experienced team of digital strategy experts can perform a free comprehensive digital audit on your business, mapping out the next steps for online growth.

Set up a free consultation with our team to see how we can amplify your digital performance.

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Our Process
Our Bulletproof Method To Winning With Google Ads Gold Coast

As a trusted Google ads agency Gold Coast we pride ourselves on creating a thought out & refined approach to PPC management Gold Coast.  This structure involves 3 main steps.

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Step 1
Google Ads Strategy Plan

We will work closely with you to perform a competitor and keyword analysis to develop a strategic plan for your ads.

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Step 2
Preparation & Launch

We develop the advertising copy, audience/keyword targeting, campaign structure and tracking events needed for launch.

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Step 3
Measure, Refine & Scale

After analysing the backend metrics of Google Ads manager, our team make the tests, tweaks and optimisation required to scale your campaigns performance.

Frequently Asked Google Ads Management

Does Google Adwords Affect My SEO?

The effect of SEO on Adwords campaigns has been a debated topic amongst the digital marketing community for a while now. It has now been confirmed that PPC clicks do not have a direct impact on a websites SEO progression. With that said though the use of the two tactics can complement each other nicely, especially when it comes to generating qualified traffic, higher SERP visibility and overall better return on investment. So why do people think that PPC Advertising helps SEO? Well, it comes down simply to people thinking that the additional paid traffic is contributed to a websites organic traffic. In SEO, website traffic from the SERPS is a big ranking signal for Google to know that the website is offering good results for users. Even though your Adwords traffic is comes from the SERP results it is classified differently from the organic results and will not go towards ranking your website. Sorry to burst anyone’s buddle there. Now that’s not to say the two don’t compliment each other at all. Google Adwords is a short term, more quick-fire strategy to get results fast. This is why you have to pay for the clicks right. We oftern find that Google Adwords mixed with SEO (A long term strategy) can give your website a good presence across the SERP’s. As it does take time to rank websites chosen keywords to page 1, it’s a common strategy to run a Google Adwords campaign targeting those keywords that are a bit far off page 1 organically. Once your SEO does catch up and your business is showing on page 1, then you can disable your AdWords Campaign or move on and start target other high volume keywords. There are hundreds of different strategies you can integrate with SEO, this is one of the reasons why Google Adwords is so effective, its flexibility gives digital marketers a great range of choices on how to incorporate it with other marketing channels. If you want to have a chat about some more strategies, then get in touch with us here!

How Much Should I Be Spending On Google Adwords?

Budget allocation is a key factor that dictates the success or failure of a Google Adwords campaign. You will need to optimise your account to ensure it’s spending its budget or on the other hand, make sure it’s not spending too much on each click. First of all, you will need to make sure that you have enough budget to allow your ads to continuously run uninterrupted. If the payment for the ad account is declined then your ads will be paused automatically, if the campaign is paused off for too long you could run the risk of losing your data and causing the campaign to enter its learning phase again. Google will bill you initially once your account has spent $500 (or at the end of the month). This payment threshold will then be moved up to $1000 after the first billing cycle. Secondly, you will want to make sure that you’re targeting keywords that are within your budget. On average we like to aim for a campaign to be hitting at least 10 clicks per day. With this, you will be able to gather enough data for your campaign to progress. This will help avoid spending all of your days budget on 1 or 2 clicks a day. If you would like to talk with one of our Google Ad specialists, get in touch here!

What Type Of Google Adwords Campaigns Are Best For Me?

There are many different types of Google Ad campaigns a business will be able to run, all with different goals and strategies. Let’s take a look at the top three and see what’s best for you!
Search Ads:
Google search network is the most common campaign to run for most businesses (especially service based businesses). You will recognise these ads as the first website to appear any time you search for something on Google (they also have “Ad” above them). Businesses will advertise on this network via targeting certain keywords and allocating a certain bidding amount for each keyword. The business with the highest bid at the time of searching will be at the top of the page. As the campaign develops it will get better and better at knowing who to show to (talk to us here if you would like to learn how)  
Shopping Ads:
No surprise here, but Google shopping campaigns are purely focused around eCommerce and the selling of business products online. The ads will work as a kind of digital listing that will pop up when ever you search a product into Google. Some of these ads will appear on the Search Network (main SERP page) but mainly will be located on the “shopping” tab on Google. You will need to create a shopping feed via Google Merchant Centre to run a campaign like this, which can sometimes be a difficult process. If your are struggling with this get in contact with us to learn more.
Display Ads :
Google Display Ads work as the billboards for the internet. With these ads you will upload content into your Google Ads Account and select certain demographics or audience lists to target. These ads will then show on any Google site that is hosting ads (Google Display Ads will not show on any News sites in Australia). Usually these ads are quite cheap to run and are used as for either brand awareness or retargeting. Display Ads are best used in conjunction with the Google Ad campaigns as they can struggle to deliver result when alone.

How Do I Know What Keywords To Target?

Keywords research and selection is arguably the most important aspect when running Google Adwords campaigns. Our Google Adwords Agency In Gold Coast dedicates a significant amount of time to make sure that all of their Google Adwords campaigns are targeting the correct keywords. There are numerous factors that go into the selection of your campaigns keywords. A big one is of course the search volume. The search volume is usually shown at a monthly rate and will give you an idea of how popular that keyword is. Naturally, this will also have an effect on the cost of your keywords. Each keyword has a price for a “top of the page bid” this will give you an indication of how much a click will cost for the number one spot on the page. It is very important to check the price of your keywords against your daily budget. If you’re targeting the most expensive keywords on a very small budget then you run the risk of either showing only at the bottom of the page or potentially spending all your budget on only a few clicks.Not knowing your way around this process and the strategies involved with Google Adwords can lead to your business wasting its advertising budget. We would recommend using a Google Adwords Agency in Gold Coast to help manage this for you, especially for any small business giving it a go. Let have a chat about targeting the best keywords for your business.

How Long Until My Google Adwords Campaign See’s Results?

Once again this depends on a multitude of factors surrounding your website, level of competition on the SERP results and your budget. Someone with a well designed website and impressive budget could see results quite quickly while on the other hand, someone with a smaller budget and poorly design website could struggle to get results quickly. All Google Adword campaigns will go through a learning phase either when you start the campaign or change the bidding strategy. Depending on the campaign this phase could take anywhere from 5 to 14 days (sometimes longer depending on how much conversion data is in the campaign). One thing we can guarantee with your Google Adwords campaign is that the clicks coming off the campaign will be high quality and relevant, we spend a lot of our time making sure your clicks are as targeted as possible with the use of Negative Keywords. If your results are taking too long we will implement software to monitor website performance and begin reporting on changes to the landing page.  Let have a chat about running a Google Adwords campaign for your business.

Why Is Mensa Marketing The Best Google Adwords Agency In Gold Coast?

Mensa Marketing is the best Gold Coast Google Adwords Agency because of one reason, ROI focused campaigns. We don’t stop working on your campaigns no matter the performance. Some other Google Adwords Agency in Gold Coast will give up on a business that doesn’t perform where we will work tirelessly until we have fixed any issues with your campaign. Mensa Marketing has no desire to simply let your budget spend out, we really dedicated time and hard work to ensure each client has maximised the ROI possible for their campaigns. Our Gold Coast Google Adwords Specialists are also really experienced. Most of them have come from managing only corporate-level accounts and have a full understanding of every PPC strategy under the sun.

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