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Looking for Perth SEO services that will deliver your business real value?

When you partner with the best SEO specialists in Perth, our search engine optimisation campaigns are guaranteed to put your website in front of the correct people searching for your service and product… without the crazy cost per clicks in paid advertising!

With a comprehensive understanding in the latest search engine algorithms, our experts have tried and tested SEO strategies that are proven to get you in front of your ideal audience for more leads, sales and revenue. Our strategy reinforces one thing… that google rewards websites that display quality content, in the right places.

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Brand Recognition, Community Growth & Engagement, Build Customer Loyalty.

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It's Time To Meet Your New SEO Agency Perth

There’s not much point in spending money on the best website possible if nobody is able to find it. It is for this reason why Search Engine Optimisation campaigns are so paramount in today’s digital marketing landscape. Our SEO specialists in Perth run numerous on-site & off-site campaigns that will guarantee your website to be put in front of the correct people searching for your service or product.

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Generate Sales With Our SEO Perth Services

Mensa Marketing strives to be the best Google SEO agency in Perth.  
To achieve this goal we have developed comprehensive Google SEO packages that are fully inclusive with everything a business needs for guaranteed digital success.

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Does Your Current Agency Guarantee Growth? We Do.

In just 30 minutes, our experienced team of digital strategy experts can perform a free comprehensive digital audit on your business, mapping out the next steps for online growth.

Set up a free consultation with our team to see how we can amplify your digital performance.

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Our Process
Our Bulletproof Method To Winning With SEO Perth

As a trusted SEO agency Perth we pride ourselves on creating a thought out & refined approach to getting your website on page #1.  This structure involves 3 main steps.

Get Started
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Step 1
SEO Strategy Plan

We will work closely with you to perform an extensive technical SEO audit of your website to develop a SEO strategy plan.

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Step 2
Preparation & Launch

We develop the SEO copy, perform the websites required technical optimisations and CRO, and begin backlinking,

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Step 3
Measure, Refine & Scale

After analysing the backend metrics of SEO performance, our team make the tests, tweaks and optimisation required to scale your campaigns performance.

Frequently Asked SEO

Why Is SEO So Important?

Let's start answering this by looking at the bigger picture and digital marketing in general. Digital marketing is basically the use of digital channels to connect your business with your target audience. This style of marketing has generated great success for companies (both large and small) as an overwhelming amount of their audiences now spends a majority of their time online. As a rule, there are 7 basic channels of digital marketing, Organic, Paid, Social, Email, Display Direct & Referral each with its own strategies & practices. Google SEO Focuses on your Organic channel.SEO is a guaranteed strategy any business that is serious about digital marketing will have running. This is because of two main reasons. One, SEO is a medium to long term strategy that takes time to implement. Two, a successful SEO campaign will generate a massive amount of organic traffic and results for that business. To put it simply SEO is the optimisation of your website onsite & offsite presence to raise your domain authority with Google. The higher the domain authority the higher Google will place you on the organic search results. Once successfully run your website will be positioned at top of page 1 for your desired keyword. And as we all know this puts you in a very good position to get results. A good SEO campaign (such as ours) will not only get your website to the top of page 1 but will also work on improving your website CRO (conversion rate optimisation). This means we will track the customer’s journey through your website and make changes according to the finding of the data. This way once your website is on page 1 you’ll also be getting consistent results.

How long does SEO take?

“How long until we see results”. This is one of the most common questions asked in SEO. The honest truth is that to get SEO results the proper way (white hat) takes time. The time this will take varies from business to business and really depends on how new your business is and how active your business is online.  Some other SEO Agencies in Perth will promise that your website will reach page 1 instantly, you must beware of these agencies as they’re likely over-promising on results. Our Perth SEO Agency has no desire to over promise you results. We have built this SEO Agency on being transparent and honest with our clients so you can expect a realistic timeframe for results. However, we do implement strategies that will help your business get faster than most though, we believe in targeting a mix of long-tail and short-tail keywords that suit your business. This strategy ensures that you get faster results targeting low volume keywords (which are easier to rank for) in the short term but strive for those high volume keywords in the long run. Ultimately, it’s quite hard to diagnose how long it will take until we have audited your websites (get your free SEO Audit here). Even though we can’t guarantee you a timeframe until we’ve conducted an audit, we can guarantee you that your discussions with us will be realistic & constructive.

What does a Perth SEO agency do?

The short answer to this question is that a Perth SEO agency will get your website to the top of Googles search results for your chosen keywords relevant to your business. The long answer to this is that a team of specialists will work on numerous onsite & offsite elements of your website in order to raise your domain authority with Google. Let’s go into more detail on what our Perth SEO Specialists do for you.
Account Manager:
All of our clients have their own dedicated Account Manager whose job is to answer any questions you may have. They will also be responsible for all the reporting and strategies discussions.
The Optimiser:
This member of the team’s main focus is to make sure your website is designed properly, they will edit a wide variety of your website to help improve the UX and make the website more Google friendly in general, some of the main areas they’ll work are your websites: Meta Data, Schema Mark Ups, H1 Tags, Keyword Optimisation, Site Speed Optimisation, Conversions Tracking.
Link building Specialist:
Our link building specialist will work behind the scenes analysing your website’s domain authority and backlinking portfolio and then constructing a detailed strategy tailored to your business. All these members will work together on their individual roles to deliver the SEO service required to get your business to page 1 of Google.

Should I Do SEO In-House Or Outsource It To An Perth SEO Agency?

First of all, this really depends on your business and its current needs and requirements. The important thing you’ll need to consider is that to drive serious results you’ll need your own dedicated team working on it. Perth SEO Companies will typically be a lot more effective than in-house employees. Why? Because with SEO agencies you have a whole team of experts working on specific elements of your SEO Strategy. You will have a dedicated copywriter for your content, a dedicated optimiser for your onsite optimisation, a dedicated backlinking specialist to work on your link building. All of them do this all day, every day. Our SEO Guru’s have worked with 1000 businesses both nationally and internationally. Another big plus for using an SEO Agency In Perth is that they will regularly be checking and keeping up to date with the latest search engine optimisation news and reports. Google will regularly update its algorithm that can have big effects on your SEO performance. Keeping up to date with this news is part of their jobs! On the other hand, an in-house employee will most likely be focused on specific outcomes, such as campaign results and they may miss the bigger picture! Possibly the biggest difference between the two is the costs involved with each. The option you choose will have to align with your businesses current financial situation. If you think about it, a Perth SEO Company is significantly cheaper than hiring an in-house SEO specialist. We charge on average $1000/month for a whole team of SEO experts, whereas an in-house SEO specialist would cost anywhere between $1000-$1500 a week! The Perth SEO Company is definitely the more cost-effective option. The reality is that if you’re a small business then it really isn’t cost-effective for you to go in-house with your SEO, this option is only really viable for large enterprises with plenty of money to invest in heavy SEO strategies. Each business is unique though and the best way for us to answer this question is through having a chat, reach out to our team to learn more!

Why Is Mensa Marketing The best SEO Company In Perth?

Well, to put it simply… We care. Every team member from Mensa has come from numerous other SEO agencies In Perth. We have seen other Perth SEO agencies charge an extreme amount of money and deliver a subpar service. So we all came together to work on creating an SEO Service in Perth that delivers transparent results at an affordable rate for business owners. If you’re looking for an SEO Company In Perth that is experienced at delivering results and return on investment based on detailed reporting and goal setting, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re all about transparency and keeping our clients informed entirely on the process that’s occurring. There is no “let the professionals handle it” mentality, rather we try to get you involved as much as possible. We often consult with our clients on the content and direction of their campaigns to ensure we’re moving forward to their liking. Our SEO professionals in Perth are always looking to expand their lists of successful businesses with positive ROI. Unlike other Perth SEO Agencies our team won’t stop until you get the results you need, we’re always flexible with our clients and will keep trying new strategies until your page 1 for all your keywords.

What Is Local SEO In Perth?

Every search you’ve ever put into Google has a certain degree of national variance attached to it. Now, what is this “national variance” you ask? To put it simply, every keyword has a different degree of relevance depending on the location it was searched from. For example, If you were located in Perth and typed into Google “Guitar Shop” you’ll likely receive a list of local guitar shops near you, now if you were to type that same search term (“Guitar Shop”) into Google in Sydney, then you’ll receive a completely different list of websites than what showed on the Perth search, we would say this keyword has a high degree of national variance as it changes so significantly depending on your location. Understanding this concept is massively important when it comes to implementing your local SEO strategy, and we here at Mensa Marketing understand it very very well. We have delivered numerous strategies (both onsite & offsite) to help your businesses show locally to your businesses address. It is quite obvious why a good local SEO agency in Perth will place importance on implementing these strategies, its targets an audience that has a very high chance of converting! Local SEO can also be very effective at delivering quick SEO results for your business, after all, it’s easier to be page 1 in Perth than it is across the entire country. Get your free SEO audit so we can go over how local SEO can help your business.

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