Why Is A Brand Story So Important?

A brand story informs customers about who you are. It attaches meaning to your logo and name, values that people will learn to associate with your business. Here's why you should invest in a compelling brand story.

A brand story informs customers about who you are. It attaches meaning to your logo and name, values that people will learn to associate with your business. 

Here’s why you should invest in a compelling brand story. 

What is a brand story? 

A brand story is a narrative that you craft about your company. It expresses your values, history, and mission. Although your brand has to initially come up with the story to share, your audience will “rewrite” it based on their experience with you. 

There is an abundance of brand storytelling types, such as educational, character-driven, employee-focused, data-driven, and mission-focused. When creating a story concept for your brand, incorporating these elements can serve you well:

  • Hero’s Journey – The classic narrative that involves someone’s transformative journey of surviving adversity, peril, and an ultimate triumphant return home. For a business, you don’t need to slay dragons or save princesses – but the general story arc can apply to how your business founder started and grew the company to what it is today. 

  • Mission values – A constant reminder of your mission can work as a theme within your brand storytelling. What is the purpose of your organization? What do you care about, why, and how will you evolve into the future? Highlight your mission to provide your consumers with insight and interest.  

Benefits of a good brand story  

Building an engaging brand story can deepen your connection with your audience. Here are just a few benefits of storytelling to be reaped: 

Increase engagement 

In today’s market, many consumers have become more jaded. They’ve been burned too many times by inconsiderate and greedy corporations, they’re more hesitant to engage with companies. 

Telling an authentic and captivating story (that is not convoluted) is a fantastic way to market and humanise your brand. It makes people more likely to engage with you, thus increasing your brand awareness and success. 

Differentiate your brand from competitors 

Customers want to know why your brand is more trustworthy or high quality than others. There are countless alternatives on the market. What is your value proposition? Who are the people behind the brand? 

Meanwhile, you want your customers to come back and remember you. The more effectively you communicate your brand story, the more they are likely to grow fond of your brand. 

Check your performance 

It’s time to grow your digital presence, which helps highlight your brand story. 

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