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5 Must Have Features For E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce is growing exponentially. Without brick and mortar, e-commerce stores live and die by the quality of their websites.

E-commerce is growing exponentially. Without brick and mortar, e-commerce stores live and die by the quality of their websites. 

From the landing page to checkout, you want to elevate your website to its best. Here are five essential features of any e-commerce website. 

  1. High-quality photography

Visual presentation plays a pivotal role in improving your customers’ perception of your products and services. High-quality shots are one of the best ways to make your customers view your e-commerce store as credible.

You might want to hire a professional photographer to capture crisp and clear images of your products to increase your conversion rates. 

  1. Product reviews

Research shows that product reviews can increase sales by 270%. It is important to display reviews on your own site; otherwise, customers will turn to Google or Yelp to find a review, and once they do, they might not return. 

Many e-commerce store owners want to only show reviews that give flattering praise. However, customers are less likely to trust reviews that are all scintillating 5.0 stars. When displaying product reviews alongside your products, it is typically a good idea to show reviews with an average rating within the 4.2 - 4.7 stars range.  

One way to garner more reviews is to enable star ratings right on your product pages. You can also ask your paying customers for a review once they have completed the checkout process. 

  1. Easy path to purchase

Shopping cart abandonment (SCA) is one of the biggest threats to an e-commerce shop. 69% of visitors abandon their virtual carts before they finish paying. 

There are several ways to lower your SCA rate: 

  • Ensure that the Add to Cart button is highlighted on every single page of your site. 
  • Simplify the checkout process as much as possible
  • Consider implementing e-wallets and other Alternative Payment Methods
  • Allow guests to check out as a guest 

  1. Simple returns policy

While it might seem counterintuitive to have a hassle-free returns policy, the clearer the returns policy is, the more trustworthy your brand will seem. Especially if you are a newer e-commerce brand without a physical store location, a transparent returns policy helps build trust in your customers and improve their chances of shopping with you again. 

  1. Visible search functionality 

Make sure that your search bar is prominently displayed. Even if you only have a small product collection, it is still important to allow customers to search for precisely what they are looking for.

If you are wondering what else you might need, our professional team at Mensa Marketing can perform a comprehensive digital audit of your website. From the checkout page to the blog, we can give you expert recommendations on how to increase your conversions. 

Reach out to us today via email at or by phone on (+61) 488 822 234 to book a free consultation. 

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