Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

From our analysis of a wide set of data across multiple clients and industries,here are the digital marketing trends for 2022 that may affect the optimal way you should approach marketing. 

Digital marketing is in a state of constant evolution. 2022 will likely see groundbreaking changes. 

As market demands fluctuate due to shifting economic conditions, business spending patterns, and other influences, it is important to be aware of the new trends. By leveraging trends, businesses can enjoy more success. 

From our analysis of a wide set of data across multiple clients and industries,here are the digital marketing trends for 2022 that may affect the optimal way you should approach marketing. 

Social media influencers 

Influencer marketing was set to reach more than $19.36 billion AUD in 2021. In 2022, brands are projected to spend $21 billion AUD on influencer marketing. This number will continue to soar and reach new heights, and it may be best to collaborate as early as possible with influencers to gain an edge in the market. 

When the pandemic first struck years ago, both creators and brands faced doubt due to the uncertainties brought by COVID-19. However, influencers have now firmly established themselves as one of the most successful modes of digital marketing due to their strong engagement numbers and unparalleled reach. 

Recently, platforms have been pushing new in-app shopping and partnership features. These social commerce solutions and e-commerce options will further cement the success of influencer marketing. 

So what are the trendiest platforms that are dominating the marketing funnel in 2022? 


Social media is addictive—and TikTok has been crowned as the king of platforms due to its explosive growth, ousting Instagram from its spot. 

TikTok’s short-form video content platform no longer only caters to young adults and teenagers. It is now gaining incredible cross-generational, meaning that brands of all industries should seek sponsored content partnerships with popular TikTok influencers.   

Going viral on TikTok can quite literally make a brand known around the world overnight. 


A critical part of digital marketing is growing a brand’s digital presence. Despite not generating as much viral content as TikTok or having as good of a cross-generational appeal, Instagram continues to be one of the best social media platforms in which digital marketers should invest resources. 


While Twitch has diversified from solely gaming streams, it is notable that the global esports industry is worth more than $1 billion and has fantastic audience engagement. 

Sponsorship of a gaming team or a tournament can go a long way and be surprisingly lucrative. For example, BMW has partnered with multiple League of Legends esports teams around the world. 


Believe it or not, LinkedIn has begun to see great increases in terms of monthly active users and engagements. It isn’t a traditional social media platform, but it is a better time than ever for digital marketers to invest in a solid LinkedIn presence. 

Reach through search

In 2021, Google made certain core updates that have significantly impacted the way their search engines treat web content. 

For example, in August 2021, Google changed the way it generates page titles. Marketers that did not edit their content accordingly would have probably seen lower rankings of their websites. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of the organic search and growth of businesses. Outdated SEO can hurt a business’ reach. In 2022, it is highly recommended for companies to keep track of Google’s daily core updates and adapt to any high-impact changes. 

Voice search 

Voice search remains overhyped and is actually something to avoid spending resources on. It has a minimal impact on practical SEO execution, so unless you are targeting local consumers, it isn’t mandatory to focus on factors such as rising local voice queries. 

Machine learning 

Machine learning is used in paid search, but because it is a major trend, it deserves its own section. 

Machine learning is affecting the way ads are being targeted.  Google utilizes machine learning in their Google Services, including Google Ads which is meant to increase ROI through better advertisement targeting. 

Small businesses may see more benefits from using smart machine learning-based applications and services like Google Ads. However, using Google’s services can reduce business autonomy and control over their ad campaigns. 

Larger businesses might prefer maintaining control over their marketing, and thus seek to avoid Google Ads. 

However, machine learning is trending in the marketing industry in 2022 and will only continue to become more advanced and popular. It is important for digital marketers to stay in touch with the advantages and disadvantages of machine learning mechanisms and services such as Google Ads. 

Transparency, privacy, and data collection 

We’ve reached an age where consumers are more knowledgeable about suspicious marketing tactics and privacy intrusions. 

Data-driven marketing has taken a hit because of new privacy regulations and expectations. For 2022, experts recommend for companies to be transparent about what data they are collecting, and make it easier for consumers to opt out of data collection. 

Transparency is more likely to create a positive customer experience and brand reputation. 

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