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How do I make my website more mobile responsive?

As of 2020, more than 50% of global website traffic comes from mobile traffic. Mobile responsiveness is more critical to a brand’s success than ever.

As of 2020, more than 50% of global website traffic comes from mobile traffic. Mobile responsiveness is more critical to a brand’s success than ever. 

Mobile search engine optimisation (SEO) contributes to the overall user experience of your website. It also helps Google rank your website higher in search engine results because Google prefers indexing and ranking websites that are mobile-friendly. 

Here are recommended points of focus to help you improve your website design’s mobile responsiveness and your company’s overall mobile user experience. 

Mobile site speed

Mobile users expect fast loading speeds. Optimising your website for lightning-fast speed is critical to your website’s success. Anything slower than 3 seconds may severely hurt your user experience, losing you nearly half of your visitors to the slow speed. 

Not only does a lack of website speed optimisation play a part in higher bounce rates, but it may also be detrimental to your SEO. This is because Google considers fast loading speed as a positive ranking factor.

Responsive mobile-friendly website development

When making a website mobile responsive, the web designer needs to take into consideration several factors. The layout implemented must be responsive, which means that the website can rescale itself according to the screen size that is used to view it. 

Cluttered web design that has an excess of functionalities on a single page can be lethal for a website’s mobile experience. Create intuitive navigation for your website to provide your visitors with a seamless mobile user experience.

Test your website on real mobile devices

This might seem obvious, but it is an easy and effective way to test whether your website has been properly designed for mobile users. Run through user scenarios using screens of various sizes. This can help you easily check if your site scales correctly, especially if you do not utilise a site theme that automatically adapts to all screens.

If your organisation lacks a comprehensive test infrastructure, you may wish to consider using a cloud-based testing platform as a testing alternative.

How to perfect your web design and digital marketing

You can always contact our team at Mensa Marketing for more site and mobile optimisation advice. We are here to help you maximise conversions and improve your digital marketing strategy. Reach us via email at or by phone at (+61) 488 822 234 to get a free comprehensive digital audit on your business!

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