Why Is Local SEO Important for Melbourne Businesses?

If you’re a Melbourne business, you need to be familiar with Melbourne SEO and what the people in your area are looking for. Read on here to find out how to generate more traffic and leads through your site.

As search engine algorithms have gotten more advanced and specific, businesses are waking up to the realisation that without search engine optimisation (SEO), they are at a huge disadvantage for marketing. If you’re a Melbourne business, you need to be familiar with Melbourne SEO and what the people in your area are looking for.

What Is Local SEO?

You may already be familiar with standard, global SEO. These strategies will help your website rank against all other websites. Global SEO helps you build your brand’s identity and authority. However, if you are a local business, SEO might not get you the local customers you want. Any business that has a geographical location or serves a specific area will benefit from local SEO. 

To know for sure if your business will benefit from local SEO, run a quick google search for keywords related to your business. If a map pack (a map with three physical locations listed) underneath appears, then you can benefit from local SEO. 

Why Does Local SEO work?

When you search for something that Google thinks is geographically relevant, the search engine algorithm includes a proximity factor. This takes your location into account, even when you don’t include a city name or “near me” in your search. This means that if your business is in Melbourne, it will hopefully be returned in the first page of search results when somebody in Melbourne searches for the keywords affiliated with your business. 

Successful local SEO strategies have other benefits as well. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Boost your online presence and visibility
  • Bring in more foot traffic to your physical location
  • Attract more targeted traffic, which improves your chances of sales, mailing list signups, and conversion
  • Enhance your credibility and build trust

How To Improve Local SEO

Local SEO is highly area-dependent. Melbourne SEO is going to be different from Sydney SEO or even something closer, like Richmond SEO. While the basic principles are the same, your business needs to be on top of what keywords show up in local searches. Setting up a Google Business profile is the first step for improving your business’s SEO strategy. 

A dedicated internet marketer can also help significantly. Mensa Marketing’s SEO services can help your business skyrocket to the top of the search results. Our clients see substantial growth and reach for their businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve your local SEO strategies.

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